Incorporating leftover wallpaper used for an accent wall in the room, I created a powerful statement piece for the master bedroom of a couple who love opulence, rich colours, decadent fabrics and metallics.

I work with both individuals and interior designers to create custom designed paintings and furniture painted to specification.
Together we will look at the space you have in mind and find the perfect size of canvas. We will talk about colours, moods, shapes, your passions and aversions. I will show you some designs and ask you what you are drawn to most. Are you stirred by bright lights or soothed by earthy hues? Does the thought of a bustling city replenish your soul or repel you? Are you inspired by travel, nature, technology? I interpret your individual loves and penchants and translate them into a highly personalised and special artwork that is inspired by you and will in turn inspire you.
Artwork can also be specifically designed to coordinate with a particular interior theme. You may even have some leftover decorating paint, wallpaper or fabric that you would like incorporated into the design. This can create an unusual and distinctive artwork that has elements that mirror other parts of the room, thus really tying a room’s interior design together.
Make a bold statement, or have a subtle addition that blends in quietly with your interior design. Whatever you choose, you’ll end up with a totally unique and original piece of art that will be a focal part of your space.
Are you looking for an unusual or unique gift? Beautiful artworks can also be created using names or initials as an integral part of the design. See below for some examples.
This service can also be applied to furniture, upon which I hand paint beautiful, tailored designs and create three-dimensional works of art. Perhaps you have an item already that you would like revamped, or I can source this for you.
Please contact me for further information.

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